Router Self-Install Instructions

1: Connect the router to a power source.
2: Connect an ethernet cable from the active port in the unit to the internet port on the router.
    • Some units may have more than one ethernet port but only one may be active.
    • To check for the active port, make sure the router has power and plug the ethernet cable into the ethernet port on the wall. Most routers have an internet icon LED light. If the port is active, the internet icon LED light should be on.
    • If you do not see the internet LED light come on from the last step, try a different port in the unit and repeat the last step.
    • If you are unable to find the active port, please contact our Technical Support team at 800-662-7600.
3: You will need to connect to the router (wirelessly or wired) with your own device.
    • This can only be accomplished with a phone or computer.
    • If you connect wirelessly, you will need to use the SSID (Wireless Name) and password located on the router.
    • A wired connection would require an ethernet cable.
4: Once connected, most routers will need to go through their own setup before you can access our network.
    • This may require you to setup a login for the routers maintenance and give you the option to change your wireless name and password.
5: Attempt to access a webpage (Ex: and you will be redirected to our splash page.
    • The splash page will ask for your activation code to authorize your internet.
    • The activation code will be found in your e-mail with your documents from NexGen. If you signed up online, an e-mail was sent after your account was created.
6: If you are having issues installing your router, please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Support team for assistance. 

Our US-based Technical Support team is ready and willing to help 24/7.